‘A red bicycle’  A shisan

Held at  Danish Authors' Society, Strandgade 6, Copenhagen 2.11.14
Attended by Hanne Hansen, Niels Kjaer, Kate Larsen, Bo Lille, Neil Robbie, Ann Mari Urwald. Sabaki Neil Robbie.

Nyhavn window
suddenly through the mist
a red bicycle                                           Neil Robbie

the metro building site is
surrounded by wet hoarding                    Hanne Hansen
eating fish and chips 
and dancing through the streets
with all my good friends                           Kate Larsen

hooligans at the corner
waiting for confrontation                          Niels Kjaer

white moon beams
spreading their cold over us
reveal your naked arse                             Bo Lille

blades of grass cover the ground
and the fallen warriors                              NK

walking in the park
around us cherry blossoms
beginning of life                                        KL

a couple kissing deeply
while the early sun is spying                     Ann Mari Urwald

the sounds of a flute
hover over the churchyard
a soul taking off                                       BL

heavy rains pouring again
the climate is changing fast                      AMU

bathing in the sea
jellyfish swimming around 
children catching them                               HH

I pay my 200 yen
and Buddha smiles happily                         BL