NASA har sendt flgende Danske haikudigte med til Mars

(flere danske digtere har deltaget, men det her er Haikugruppens bidragydere).


mars the red ball in

the great universe

pinball machine

Leif Lynegaard

Shot into dark space

with high hopes for the future

from blue planet earth.

Inga Mollerup


on the planet Earth

lots of fresh water to drink

on Mars only ice

Hanne Hansen



a small grain of sand

in the great universe

center of mankind

Bjarne Kim Pedersen


Jorden nder grnt

natten snker sig stille -

svrt at tage afsked

Ulla Conrad


white afternoon, so

united we grace life, in

each thought so light

Viggo Madsen


The withered leaves

rustle under my feet

the shadow moves silently

Jette Slaaen


the tiny seed
looking up at the stars
its birthplace

Mona Larsen