Haiku (English)

Haiku atumn 2016

Kate Larsen

My sister`s bare grave

on her birthday I wonder

where are her children.


In the park with you

cherries all in bloom today

and so are we.


Colorful silk carps

drifting  around MT. Fuji

after children`'s day.

Yellow and red leaves

piling up around  BASHO

my green frog of stone.

Across the mountain

the dense fog is dissolving

oh! Fuji is back.


Sitting on a bench

waiting for the blooming spring

which I cannot find.


Ida Hamre

This light in the surface
eternally changes
our forefathers saw it


Ole Bundgaard

The black sound of storm
in the late astonished evening
after the meltdown


Per-Olof Johansson

On the field for the cows
Blooming clover, I see
The cows only as stones

Haiku Vinter-Spring 2016



Bo Lille

the white dove

flies over the battlefield

shitting on the war


peace has broken out

tanks and planes crumble with rust

life begins to grow


the blackbird sings

love nearer

than the nuclear bomb


peace has broken out

cannons are being melted

into lovers’ rings



Ole Bundgaard

A clear frosty morn
The bird eats from open hand
And takes off again

I live in the land
Of the many clouds, and I
Think mostly of sun

The seagull at sea
Stares hard upon nothingness
That resembles food

Translated by Mus White From the soon comming "Haiku" Los Angeles 2016

Haiku Spring-Summer 2015


Chris Rumble

every year the same
floating through the drizzle days-
powdered blossom


Ann Mari Urwald
From the book "Danish Haiku Today 2012"

Ideas are swarming
Like life in a primeval sea
Find their slow way up

A hope from heart
Of love in the world of man
War moans audibly

Ole Bundgaard

From Haiku I
Translated by Mus White

June 2. — Page 160
The cow in the field
ruminates on the green grass
and eternity

Moisture on the tree
light drizzle in the pale night
scents of midsummer

Hanne Hansen
From the book: Sprouting seeds 2004

Sunshine in stripes
Gleaming in all kinds of waves
Realy summer

Sys Matthiesen
From the book: Haiku Workshop in Copenhagen 2008

Tired and pale
little children walk to school
in winter darkness

Viggo Madsen
From the book: Sprouting seeds 2004

Summer -
a face of water
up from the well

Haiku Winter 2014-2015

Bjarne Kim Pedersen

Freedom of dance

I may not see
I can not speak, but
rhythm takes me

Cut the rope I

cut the rope from

the neck of the convicted
and bind the judge

Cut the rope II

put the judges to court

and give them a fair trial
for their death sentences

Cut the rope III

life is sacred
no one may steal the right
to breathe freely


those dangerous words
the writer uses when he
writes about life

womens rights

equal for the law
one man one woman, equal
right for people

mens rights

womens right's mens right's
Human Rights
to everyone

Gulag Archipelago

is not a poem
but forced labor camps
filled with exiled

Cargo 200

the dead boys
coming home to their mothers
from not war

MH 17

fly on the sky
fall murdered to the ground
fly in the heaven

christopher charles rumble

Three leaves left to fall
on the cherry in the mist -
birds heading due south


Ole Bundgaard

All these words: How come?
Only this one: butterfly
Is necessary

The night is crying
I am waiting in the house
With my umbrella


Hanne Hansen

On the stormy beach
many ducks in a long line
watching the waves


Sys Matthiesen

tiny spicer child
flying away from home
in a shining string

blanket on my knees
sound of wind and pelting rain
outside my window

pitchy darkness
the morning paper clunks
into my letterbox

Viggo Madsen

Summer -
a face of water
up from the well


Jette Slaaen

The ripples of the lake
cradle the duckling soft
in the evening sun

In The garden pond
the tadpole changes
to a beautiful green frog

Haiku summer-autumn 2014


Hanne Hansen

The sun is glowing
But now and Then suddenly
Torrential showers

Ole Bundgaard

Words are only words
a hug is a hug is a
I am on the hook

Sys Matthiesen

pitchy darkness
the morning paper clunks
into my letterbox