The Haiku Group of the Danish Authors Society was initiated by Hanne Hansen in 2001. At the first meeting on the 1st of February 2001 Kate Larsen, Niels Kjær and Hanne Hansen participated. At the second meeting the 16 of September  2001, Sys Matthiesen joined the group.

From a slow start with only a few members the Haiku Group has now about 40 members, mainly from the Danish Authors Society.

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary in 2006, the Danish Authors Society donated the home page, which you are visiting now, to the Haiku Group, a long desired gift.







Creating the group haiku and haiku network 1.1.2007


The Haikugroup's first board 


The Haiku Network is linked with The Haiku Group, but with members who are not members of the Danish  Authors Society; they can make use of the webside and participate in our readings, such as at the Japanese Sakura Festival during the last weekend of April at the Langelinie in Copenhagen .

The interest in haiku has risen considerately in Denmark . With this webside we want to strengthen the interest by publishing haiku poems and bring articles on haiku and related topics, translations, reviews,  and the like. It is updated three times a year.


During the years the Haiku Group has published a number of books:

Små silhouetter, ed. Sys Mathisen, Attika,  2005, in Danish.

Blade i vinden, Haiku-antologi, 10th anniversary anthology, edited by Bo Lille, Benny Pedersen  and Bjarne Kim Pedersen, Forlaget Ravnerock, 2011, 110 pages with poems by 25 poets, in Danish.

Special publication for Hermann Van Rompuy, edited by Thorvald Berthelsen, The Haiku Group, 2012, 24 pages by 17 poets, in Danish and English. (On the occasion of a visit to Denmark by the then EU- President, who is also a haiku poet.)

Danish Haiku Today. A supplement to the 2011 anniversary anthology, Blade i vinden, (2nd extended edition of Special Haiku Publication for Hermann von Rompuy), edited by Thorvald Berthelsen, Forlaget Ravnerock, 2012, 32 pages by 28 poets, in Danish and English.

Der er et herligt Land – det kaldes Poesien, edited by Bjarne Kim Pedersen and Per Nielsen, Forlaget Ravnerock, 2013, 114 pages by 27 poets and 13 graphic artists, in Danish. (Poems inspired by the works of Hans Christian Andersen.)